• Faithful to my Homeland, the Republic of Poland


  • POLES IN IRAQ 1942-43

  • Polish sodiers with Kurdish people; from Polish archive

    Polish soldiers with Kurdish people; from Polish archive


    Anders' Army and civilians who left Soviet Russia in 1942, marched to Europe through Central Asia and the Middle East. On Iraqi territory, Polish Army organized not only training camps and hospitals, but also theaters, football teams and shops. Polish soldiers were trying to live their normal life. Many of them, due to extreme conditions of the march and because of accidents and sicknesses, stayed in Iraqi soil forever. Traces of memory are still there - cemeteries, single headstones, commemorative plaques.

    Polish diplomats have been trying to unfold Polish places of remembrance in Iraq. The project has been conducted with the support of the Central Military Archives in Warsaw, local institutions and locals. Archival photographs published on the website will be followed by contemporary once.

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