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  • 20 November 2018

    Vice-Consul Stanisław Guliński accompanied a correspondent for the Polish Radio, Michał Żakowski visiting Debaga-1 Camp for IDPs, located ca. 45 km S-W from Erbil.

    The aim was to meet recipients of financial aid provided by Polish Humanitarian Action (PAH) and financed by Polish Aid. Most of the camp inhabitants arrived from Mahmour, Hawija and Mosul. They left their homes due to Islamic State takeover (2014-17) as well as damage caused by military operations during the liberation phase.



    PAH carried out a range of activities in Iraq as early as 2003-2007 and then returned at the end of 2016 in response to the plight of the civilian population caused by the fighting in Mosul and immediately began to provide humanitarian aid to the residents of the city.



    In the Kurdistan Region, PAH’s Emergency Response Team is conducting its operations supporting the most needed people with necessary aid. The organization distributes financial grants to the neediest, provides legal support, runs entrepreneurial training programs and provides subsidies and micro-business development funding.


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